Database Management

Database Implementations

     Strategy and design required to implement your databases properly from day 1 Database Optimization and Tuning Identify and correct any existing issues, make sure you have the right security checks in place, and optimize your databases. Database Upgrades Minimize challenges, downtimes, and risks of upgrading critical databases Design and implementation of upgrades to optimize application integrations and long-term environment performance


     Speed incident resolution Detect both outsider and insider threats and automate response procedures Private Cloud computing has never been this easy. With a platform that helps you to set it up within days, and supports through a wide range of verticals from BFSI, E-Commerce,Retail and Manufacturing. When you need a Private Cloud deployment fast, it's us.


     Unifies governance across on-premise and hybrid cloud environments and presents it all in a single view. Advanced analytics find threats before they become a compliance or security incident. Built-in data Security Orchestration, Automation and Response empowers you to remediate findings quickly. Security and compliance policies and controls are simple and centralized.


     Single pane of glass across distributed environments on-premise, in-cloud and multi-cloud to find ungoverned database instances, classify data, assess vulnerabilities, and investigate user activity.